LR Insights understands the importance of conducting research when and where you need it. From day one, we have set the standard for qualitative facilities, building one of the most innovative research facilities in the U.S. Our venues are designed to maximize comfort for everyone involved, with integrated technology to get the best results.

Premier research facilities across the U.S.

Our reach is global.

You don’t have to be in the US to take advantage of our global reach. We can manage your research project anywhere you need to be.

Anytime. Anyplace.

With LR Insights facilities, you can expect:


Local Recruiting

Local recruiting means local expertise and the ability to network and build database for your unique needs.


Project Management

Creativity with intention – Each project is different, and thus each gets fresh eyes. We hold in-house Sessions to identify which Principles and methodologies best tackle the project objectives, as well as flex to the dynamics of the client team and organization.


Comfortable Spaces

Viewing rooms, spacious lounges, natural light and beautifully appointed spaces are all LRI signatures.

The Latest Technology

LR Insights facilities are constantly updating our technology for ultimate productivity! If we don’t have it, we will get it!

Client Support

Smiling experienced specialists and comforting accoutrements to greet you, your clients and respondents. They may never want to leave!