Outstanding Recruitment Optimized for Any Methodology

Recruitment success goes beyond tracking down your precise target and convincing them to participate in your study. When researchers meet their respondents, they need the assurance that participants will be able to interact and express themselves effectively, that they are accustomed or comfortable with technology being deployed, and cooperative and engaged with the technique being used.

In-Person Research

Engaging your customers and future customers more deeply on areas of interest, observing them interacting with your products, and studying their non-verbal communications allows you to gather the insights and ideas you need to stay close to your audiences and to grow your business.

Focus Groups

Capture a live range of experiences, opinions, beliefs, and values. Create synergy among respondents as they build on each other’s contribution to the conversation, anticipate how brand messaging will resonate by hearing it first hand from your demographic, and allow your clients to hear language and tone of voice and watch body language of their consumer, making significant impact in understanding the story.

Dyads & Triads

Achieve the interpersonal dynamic of a group while allowing time to interview in some depth. We recruit and provide the ideal discussion environment for researchers seeking a variety of interview solutions to which dyadic and triadic interviewing lends itself. Examples include ‘decision pairing’ to understand dynamics between decision influencers or joint decision makers or ‘confrontation’ techniques where users can be paired with nonusers, to more effectively uncover feelings and motivations.

Ethnography / Immersion

Get up-close and personal to listen, observe and probe research participants as they go about their daily routines. We support your in-home, in office, or on-site immersions. Our comprehensive project management support includes recruitment of main and peripheral participants pertinent to the study, shipping of and instructions for test products, homework assignments, client packs (car service, food, maps, etc.), supply and shipping of handycams for video diaries, professional videography and highlight reels, and even mobile streaming of filming.

LR Insights Video – Access Your Digital Recording at Your Convenience

LR Insights offers video services (standard or high-definition) that give you access to your research recordings online, at any time within 24 hours of your research sessions. Download your focus group and in-depth interview digital recordings straight to your computer or watch and/or share your research recordings from our secure dashboard.